Tam Hieu Company celebrates Christmas 2017

26/12/2017 07:04

Recently, Tam Hieu Company has organized the program "Christmas Eve" - ​​one of the famous children's playground in Hanoi. The program received enthusiastic participation and encouragement from the children and the Board of Management and staff of Tam Hieu Company.
Every year, every Christmas, the streets are sparkling, vibrant red - white brilliant, with stars glittering on the beautiful Christmas tree. And also in Christmas, the wishes, wishes of children always help Christmas spread joy, eager, warm winter days. Understanding this with the desire to always spend a lot of love for the kindergarten in the home Tam Hieu, Tam Hieu Company held a jubilant and extremely festive Christmas in Tini Wold play area. This is one of the very internal activities that are very interested and encouraged by the Board of Directors of Tam Hieu Company.

Attending the program, the Kindergarten of Tam Hieu received good wishes and many attractive gifts. Soon after, the kids got involved in fun games and showed off their talents through fun renditions. At the end of the program, the children are free to explore the game at Tini World.
Some beautiful pictures are recorded at the show:

The children are very eager to receive attractive gifts

Soon after, the children also enthusiastically participated in the games at the show

At the end of the program, children are free to explore games and take photo with Santa Claus