(eva.vn) Miss Ngoc Han interested with the Kimono in Cherry Blossom Party 3.

24/08/2017 08:09

As one of the special guests in Cherry Blossom Part 4y, Miss Ngoc Han said she was extremely excited and looking forward to appearing every occasion the show was held.

Cherry Blossom Party is one of the biggest events to be welcomed in the cosmetics industry. Cherry Blossom Party honors and introduces new products held by Tam Hieu Trade., JSC. Ngoc Han shared, despite being involved in both Cherry Blossom Party 1 and 2, in Cherry Blossom Party 3; she was overwhelmed and fascinated by the content and space of Japanese culture in the program.
Miss Ngọc Hân especially loved kimono costumes. It seemed that every time she wore this outfit, she showed a new look and brightness.

Ngoc Han wearing kimono and traditional Japanese hairstyle

The Miss happily chatting with the other beauties in the gala
Besides Ngoc Han, there were also beautiful cast, singers and actors such as: Miss Thuy Van, Miss Truc Diem, Miss Do My Linh, Miss Tra Ngoc Hang, Miss Earth Nam Em, Miss Ha,Miss Ngoc Duyen, Miss Sea Nguyen Thi Loan, Miss Thuy Trang, Singer Tuan Hung, Cam Ly, Singer Luu Huong Giang, Singer Nathan Lee, MC Thanh Trung, actress Trinh Jolie, the cast of the movie Zippo, Mustard and You: Le Hong Dang, La Thanh Huyen, Nguyen Manh Truong, Le Minh Huong, Nguyen Thanh Van (Van Hugo) ...

The beauties in Cherry Blossom Party 3
At Cherry Blossom Party 3, Ngoc Han was particularly interested in the launch of Waka Biha Rich Whitening and Waka Biha color-changing lipsticks. The Beauty was very excited to experience this product, believing in the coming time, Tam Hieu Company and Waka Biha cosmetics would grow and get loved in Vietnam.

Waka Biha Whitening and Waka Biha color-changing lipsticks are available at Waka Biha 89 Thai Ha - Dong Da - Hanoi.
The product line at Waka Biha Showroom is the top favored in Japan. Products received prestigious awards such as“Top Prestige Quality Products -Services 2015” for Torico products and “Top 10 most prestigious products in 2016” for Hyalogy product suite.
Tam Hieu’s Showroom Waka Biha at 89 Thai Ha - Dong Da - Hanoi has become a favorite address of many famous people such as Miss Ngoc Han, Miss Truc Diem, Ngoc Anh Singer, MC Thanh Van Hugo ...